The Mangle (often refered to as The Trashpile and formely known as Funtime Foxy) is a character added in Dayshift at Freddy's 2: Electric Boogaloo. It is the toy counterpart for Foxy, and like the other new animatronics, it can be randomly encountered throughout the building.


Throughout the most of game, Mangle is shown in a constant state of disrepair (Called The Trashpile).

It's unknown why Mangle is in disrepair, but Phone Guy seems to think that Purple Guy keeps tearing Mangle apart, making it a rumor.

However, she is also littered with fleshlights. How those became a part of her has yet to be explained.


The Mangle shares a similar outlook in personality as Foxy. She seems to also have a slight 'internet troll-talk' throughout her speech. As it commonly says "L-O-L" and '"TROLOLOLOLO".

Through her common behavior, Mangle seems to be slightly depressed, as when you try to fix her with the wrench, she will plead for you to just leave her be, as it says "Please stop, I'm already dead."


  • Mangle will explode if Old Sport try to repair it three times, giving to the player an automatic game over.
  • One of the scrapped teasers for DSaF 2 (see below) shows Mangle. This teaser was a nod to the fact that many fans from Five Nights at Freddy's theorized Mangle was the responsible of The Bite of '87.
  • in the cancalled remake of dsaf prison location, it would have been revealed that frooby frapples got arrested for yiffing the trash pile.


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