The Real Fredbear is a character in the DSaF series, and helps out the dead children with their happiest days. He is responsible for giving life to Old Sport after he was stuffed in one of the springlock suits in Fredbear's Family Diner. He serves as a supporting character in the DSaF1 Happiest Day Ending. He returns again as a supporting character in the Sorta Happy Ending? and the True Ending in DSaF 2, and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in An Ending.

Profile Edit


The Real Fredbear looks exactly like a real life bear except colored yellow and wears a purple/pink bowtie and top hat. In An Ending, during the final battle, his eyes turn red.


The Real Fredbear is very caring. He wishes for the dead children to see their happiest day and believes that enacting revenge on their murderers is not the way to seek closure. He also is sympathetic for Old Sport and apologizes for his fate in Fredbear's Family Diner, and also ends up giving him life with his promise that he will SAVE THEM.

The Real Fredbear also shows his gratitude for Old Sport when he does SAVE THEM, but shows an angry and regretful side when Old Sport goes pure evil.


Like mentioned above, The Real Fredbear has the ability give life, and like Old Sport, Phone Guy and the Toy Animatronics, he can "Smeck" opponents when in battle. He also has the ability to appear, disappear and show his springlocks, which ends up making the top part of his head extend. In the battle with DaveTrap in the True Ending of DSaF2, he gains the ability to do the "Bite of '87" which does an extraordinary damage and ultimately slays DaveTrap.

Main Story

In DSaF 1, The Real Fredbear can only be encountered if you go for the Happiest Day ending.

He will help you get away from Phone Guy, Farfour and the Police, and get you to the party that the children never got to have. This will eventually lead to the ending.

He plays a much bigger role in DSaF 2 though, appearing at the end of several endings like the The End ending and the An End ending.

If you choose to go the The End ending, you will battle as The Real Fredbear against DaveTrap.

If you go for the An End ending, you will face against him and kill him.

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