The Bite of 87 is an infamous event that occurs at Freddy Fazbender's. This incident was given the name since the person bitten lost a frontal lobe. Here's the ways the Bite of 87 might occur:                                                        

  • If you meet the bullies, agree to bite off Mike Jr's frontal lobe.
  •  Achieve the Radical Ending or An Ending, where Nightmare BB bites Mike Jr's frontal lobe.
  • Achieve the Almost A Happy Ending, where Dave will cause the event by biting Phone Guy's head off.
  • Achieve The End or the Perfect Ending, where Fredbear bites Davetrap to save Phone Guy and Old Sport.
  • In the Confusing Ending Old Sport threats to sue the establishiment after getting bitten by a Doggo and says the event will be called the Bite of 87.                                                                                                   In FNAF 1, it was mentioned as an event where a robot bit someone's frontal lobe off, leading to the robots getting a free roaming mode during the night. In FNAF 4, it was revealed the incident was about the brothers of the FNAF 4 protagonist, the crying child, who shoved the protaginist's head into Fredbear's mouth, where he lost his frontal lobe and died later in the hospital.

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