Ronaldo is the doughmaster of the restaurant in Dayshift at Freddys 2:Electric Boobaloo.He also originally worked at the Fredbears Family Diner.

Appearence: Edit

Ronaldo is around 50 and wears a typical cook outfit.

Trivia: Edit

  • He seems to have also helped disposing of the dead bodies back at the Fredbears Family Diner,since Purple Guy mentions that the chef knew "how to use human meat".
  • He likes making pizzas from dumpster ingredients that don't kill customers, but hates rats, pizza on the roof.
  • He can make a pizza with Moldy dough, the freshest dough we have, Old Sport's hand, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, no sauce, motor oil, pepperoni, ham , pineapple, and Bonnie's face.

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