Save the Kiddins is a charity game by Direct Doggo, developed since January of 2017 as a spin-off for Dayshift at Freddy's 2.

After DSaF 2 was released, Direct Doggo focused on this game, and it confirmately is the last official entry for the DSaF series as the author declared he will never create a DSaF 3. On 08/04/2017 (later going back on this after giving up on STaF 2), DirectDoggo finally made a page for the game, and stated he would release it if the fundraiser campaign he is supporting was helped. Some days later (it's unknown exactly when), Direct Doggo finally released the game, only for Windows. Linux and Mac versions have been denied in order to prevent people from stole the game's assets.


The player will control a night guard from Freddy Fazbenders in top-down view (much like the minigames for the two DSaF games) and must avoid the killer robots by locking doors and watching them by the camera feed without running out of power. The player can walk freely by the pizzeria, but the goal is to survive all the days of the week and get one of the multiple endings.


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