"Phone Guys come in all shapes and colors. "
Purple Guy (tape), DSaF 3

Sporthead Phone has other meanings. See Phone (disambiguation) for other uses. Sporthead

Phone Guys are spring-locked Freddy's employees taken to a mysterious factory to be turned into a phone-headed manager for one of the Fazbender pizza joints. If a Phone Guy fails their job and has their pizzeria shut down, they will be sent back to the factory and will most likely never be used again.

Notable Members

Scott Cawthon

Scott Cawthon was the founder of Freddy Fazbender's, He died in a spring lock failure which made everyone sad, They would have done anything to bring him back. And they did, But when they turned him into a Phone Guy, People said that he was suffering. So they had to put him out of his misery since they didn't want the man who started it all in such pain.


Main article: Steven

the Phone Guy from Dayshift at Freddy's name is named Steven. There is not much known about him. He seems to have had is answering machine wiped recently since he acts as if he is the real Scott Cawthon.


Main article: Peter Kennedy

Peter is the Phone Guy who managed the Bakersfield Location during DSAF 2 and is also Jack (Old Sport) and Dee (The Puppet)'s Brother. Peter eventually escapes being bound to Freddy Fazbender's and goes back to living with his wife (Caroline).


Main article: Harry

Harry or 14_01 is the Phone Guy you receive during the DSAF 3 Demo. Harry also appears in the tapes. He wears a white top, black waistcoat and has a Black Phone for a head. According to Walt, Harry is a "Long time company regular" and "As reliable as heck".


Main Article: Rebecca

Not much is known about Rebecca except that she manages the factory and handles it's phone calls. If Jack calls the factory, she will answer it and tell him that they don't have any more Phone Guys. During this call it is hard not to fire Rebecca from her job at the factory.


Not much is currently known about this Phone Guy other then that he is be voiced by a friend of DirectDoggo and that he watched for goblins while making sure that kids don't swallow hats.








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