• Old Sport is the main protagonist of "Dayshift at Freddy's" and "Dayshift at Freddy's 2: Electric Boogaloo".

Appearance Edit

Old Sport shares the exact same sprite as Purple Guy, the only difference is that he's a bright orange.

Orange Guy

Behavior Edit

His personality in the games are entirely based off the choices you make throughout the games, which can lead to various endings, many involving getting fired for various reasons, deaths, or true endings.

However, sometimes he acts completely on his own. Signifying that he has a personality.

As the Freddit event seems to show that Old Sport seems to be a little immature or even childish. (This could be a joke, but the character does this completely on his own.) He even acts this way in some events, such as; doing a flip to prove his dominance, wanting to dive into the ballpit, and refusing to get off the slide.

He even has a few phrases that makes him sound childish, but these can be picked by the player, so they might not be some of his own actions.

Description Edit

It's unknown why Old Sport signed up for the job, for whatever reason, it just seems that he signed up for it in Colorado and that lead him to these misadventures he's on now.

Old Sport is just a typical worker at first. But, that changes when he gets into the backroom to change into a suit, he meets a purple man.

Purple man gives out an offer. To lure 5 kids to the back and murder them,

What's stopping him?

Your morality.

Kill or not to kill, the choice is yours.

Orange Guy (Headhshot)

Relationships Edit

Purple Guy

Old Sports' relationship with the Purple guy can stay on stable ground or negative ground. It all depends on what choices you make. However, Old Sport seems to be someone that Purple Guy talks to often.

Old Sport also seems to be a crutch or someone that Purple Guy tries to be kindred with. As Purple Guy talks a fair amount about Old Sport.

Phone Guy

Old Sport has little to no interest in the Phone Guy, as he is his supervisor and the person that fires him, gives him information, or warnings.

Trivia Edit

  • Old Sport is confirmed to be 34 years old.
  • Old Sport was originally going to be yellow. As the sprite chart for it can be found in the files.
  • Old Sport was just named that way because DirectDoggo didn't know what to call him,
  • Calling Old Sport DirectDoggo will make Phone Guy say "Borf" and the awesome ending will play.
    • Also, Calling Old Sport his true name will change the music of the game and will make Phone Guy say a line like Purple Guy .
  • Toy Chica calls Old Sport 'Orange Man' and Purple Guy/Dave calls you by your true name.
  • Purple Guy also insults you by calling you an Old F*ck if you refuse his offer.
  • If Old Sport kills the children, the end of the day specifies how he looked at the little corpses and just shrugs it off, meaning that he probably has a sociopath way of thinking as he felt no remorse for killing the kids.

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