In this article, there is the official media for the Dayshift at Freddy's series released by Direct Doggo other than the trailers and teasers for the DSaF games.

Official YouTube videosEdit


"Inspired by a lot of things. Mostly vodka." - official description

This was an sixteen second long video posted on YouTube on 11/12/2016.

In the video, Dave and Old Sport are at the Grand Canyon, and Dave is holding a Foxy robot. Dave then trows the old robot to Old Sport take a look. Short after this, Old Sport, intenting to give it back to Dave, accidentally (or not) push him to the cliff making he fall. Then the screen zoom on Old Sport's smiling face.

Actual Footage of the Sister Location Private Room in use!Edit

"Afton sits with his favourite possessed stuffed bear and watches the kiddies on the cameras." - official description

Another short video posted on YouTube, two days after the "We are GRAND CANYON" video. It is just a parody for a scene from the TV show Lazy Town, with Robbie Rotten being Purple Guy.

Why DSaF SL should never be a thingEdit

"Oh dear God, why..." - official description

This was an eight second long video also posted on YouTube, on 11/15/2016, which is supposedly an imagination of what would be a "DSaF: Sister Location".

The video showns Old Sport in front of Funtime Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, who is twitching in a very strange manner. This video is probably a nod to how the faceplate animatronics from Sister Location are creepier than the others.

Artworks for the official DSaF subredditEdit

Those artworks are featured as the page template for the official DSaF subreddit, before Direct Doggo closed it down.

Direct Doggo's misventures on the DSaF comment sectionsEdit

Direct Doggo released those fun images to explain why he don't give too much attention to the comments on the Game Jolt pages for his games.

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