• Matt Virginia is a non-playable character in "Dayshift at Freddy's" and "Dayshift at Freddy's 2: Electric Boogaloo". He is the Prize Corner vendor who sells you items .


  Matt Virginia is male with tan skin, brunette hair, and brown eye. He wears a grey shirt, a brown necklace, a brown string bracelet on his right wrist, blue jeans with a belt, and grey/white shoes with red laces. He has large smile, which looks forced, on his face.


Matt is Prize Corner Vendor in the joint, as he stays at the Prize corner and sells you items. He is known to scare other employees, especially Purple Guy(Dave). He's worked at Freddy Fazbender's for 2 years.

Matt seems to have vanity problem, referenced when you first interact with him "-I'm still Matt. Everyone still loves me."

In the Employee logs it is said that interactions with Matt are to be kept to a minimum to keep them safe.


  Old Sport

It seems that when Old Sport interacts with him he acts shrewd, serious, self-sufficient, and stoic, despite looking optimistic.

Purple Guy

The relationship between these two are complicated. As Purple Guy seems to be bothered by Matt in one way or another.

  Phone Guy

Phone Guy doesn't seem to like Matt that much, and he is aware of this. Phone guy even states "His virginity is contagious."


He states he hates every single one of them with the same intensity.

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