"Alan Snackbar. "
Man in Candy the Cat Suit

Sporthead Candy has other meanings. See Candy (disambiguation) for other uses. Sporthead

Man in Candy the Cat Suit is a man wearing a Candy the Cat suit.


He is responsible for shooting up many Freddy's Locations such as the Nebraska location for "entering Candy's territory". He will randomly appear and try to shoot up the Bakersfield location. If Jack has a taser he can use it to stop the man and the Man in Candy the Cat Suit will be sent to the electric chair by a police officer and Peter Kennedy will give Jack 500 tokens but if he doesn't Jack will pee his pants causing the Man in Candy the Cat Suit to shoot him and the rest of the restaurant causing a Game Over.


  • Man in Candy the Cat suit is inspired by Candy the Cat.
  • If the player name them self "Candy" or "Candy the Cat" Phone Guy will scream and you will be fired.


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