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File:0cd70lleu2fy.pngFile:1-q9iaxnkd.pngFile:141698-crop68 0 1136 600-de6i8yzb.jpg
File:2-wcizai8j.pngFile:2017.07.05, Discord Server - Springy emoji.pngFile:2017.07.15, Discord Server.png
File:2017.07.15, Discord Server - Dancing Dave V1.gifFile:2017.07.15, Discord Server - YEAH BOIIII it is done (2).pngFile:2017.07.15, Discord Server - back room (v2).png
File:2017.07.15, Discord Server - daveanim000006.pngFile:2017.07.15, Discord Server - screenshot time! (1).pngFile:2017.07.15, Discord Server - screenshot time! (2).png
File:2017.07.15, Discord Server - screenshot time! (3).pngFile:2017.07.15, Discord Server - screenshot time! (4).pngFile:2017.07.20, Discord Server - Guess who's getting added to DSaFF (NICK-CROMPTON.PNG).png
File:2017.07.31, Discord Server - Premature-ending.pngFile:2017.07.31, Discord Server - Springie2.pngFile:2017.07.31, Discord Server - Springie3.png
File:22.07.2017, Discord Server - Ryan bright eyes.pngFile:226689-crop38 30 912 522-qtfyfjm3.pngFile:235159-kbg9q6tw.jpg
File:273964-crop14 3 1280 715-eeeusqge.jpgFile:2 - 0fyrwdP.pngFile:3-p6snazuk.png
File:3 - hawQsog.pngFile:4-gresfphj.pngFile:4-xpau2hww.png
File:421587.jpgFile:4 - iQEv0YY.pngFile:5-cjj8cqtv.png
File:5 - Zwx23CZ.pngFile:83y77xyj0f8x.pngFile:A22flYV.png
File:Achievement - Premature ending.pngFile:Achievements.pngFile:Acr6.png
File:Actual Footage of the Sister Location Private Room in use! (1).pngFile:Actual Footage of the Sister Location Private Room in use! (2).pngFile:Actual Footage of the Sister Location Private Room in use! (3).png
File:Actual Footage of the Sister Location Private Room in use! (4).pngFile:An End.PNGFile:And We Thought Fredbear Was Bad!! Dayshift At Freddy's (FINALE)
File:Ayyy2-evizcbc8.pngFile:Bad Things Happen During The Day.. Dayshift At Freddy's (Part 1) Funny FNAF RPGFile:Ball-Pit - DSaF 2.png
File:Ballon.PNGFile:Bandicam 2017-07-07 14-04-03-474.jpgFile:Bannerv2.png
File:Bannerv4.pngFile:Bonnie, Freddy and Chica.pngFile:Bonnie4.png
File:Bonnie4b.pngFile:Bread bear.JPGFile:Camerasystem-k4t2srfd.png
File:Chica.jpgFile:DSa1980 - poster V1.pngFile:DSa1980 OST - track 1.png
File:DSa1980 OST - track 2.pngFile:DSaFDave.pngFile:DSaF Dev - Note 1.jpg
File:DSaF Dev - Note 2.jpgFile:DSaF Dev - Note 3.jpgFile:DSaF Dev - Note 4.jpg
File:DSaF Dev - Note 5.jpgFile:DSaF Dev - Note 6.jpgFile:DSaF subreddit - Dave artwork.png
File:DSaF subreddit - Fredbear artwork.pngFile:DSaF subreddit - Shadow Doggo artwork.pngFile:DSaF subreddit - header artwork.png
File:DSaH - Room 1.pngFile:DSaH - Room 2.pngFile:DSaH - Room 3.png
File:DSaH - Room 4.pngFile:DSaH - Room 5.pngFile:DSaH - Room 6 Spring.png
File:DSaH - Room 7.pngFile:DSaH - Room 8.pngFile:DSaH - Room 9.png
File:DSaH - Snacks.pngFile:DSaH - Stairs.pngFile:DSaH - main menu.png
File:Dave teaser 2.0-dnhfaerj.pngFile:Day 1 minigame (DSaF 3 troll game).pngFile:Dayshift at 1980 A DSAF fangame - teaser (1).png
File:Dayshift at 1980 A DSAF fangame - teaser (2).pngFile:Dayshift at 1980 A DSAF fangame - teaser (3).pngFile:Dayshift at 1980 A DSAF fangame - teaser (4).png
File:Dfwgdrg-ryuqu7qb.pngFile:DirectDoggo decides to read some of the DSaF comments. - Imgur.pngFile:DirectDoggo reads Dayshift at Freddy's 2 comments!.jpg
File:Discord, 2017.08.18 - Sbonnie2.pngFile:Discord, 2017.08.20 - Springie11.pngFile:Discord, 2017.08.20 - Springie6.png
File:Discord, 2017.08.20 - Springie9.pngFile:Discord, 2017.08.21 - DaveTest1.pngFile:Discord, 2017.08.21 - i'm making a dave model (1).png
File:Discord, 2017.08.21 - i'm making a dave model (2).pngFile:Discord, 2017.08.21 - i'm making a dave model (3).pngFile:Discord, 2017.08.21 - i'm making a dave model (4).png
File:Discord, 2017.08.21 - i'm making a dave model (5).pngFile:Discord, 2017.08.21 - i'm making a dave model (6).pngFile:Discord, 2017.08.26 - loadingscreen nightguard.png
File:Discord, 2017.09.02 - loadingscreen lg png.pngFile:Doggo uploaded a new teaser! - Imgur.pngFile:Dsa1980 logo trans.png
File:Esm8dvy5anvx.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Fairly evil ending.png
File:Farfour mouse suit-c5hugtpi.pngFile:FiveNightsatFreddysPurple1.jpgFile:Forgotten.PNG
File:Foxy (DSaF 3 troll game).pngFile:Fredbear plush teaser-yyznd6ie.pngFile:Fredbear stage-inburjtn.png
File:Fredbear suit teaser-pmienjtz.pngFile:Freddy.jpgFile:Freddy teaser-b96bxrar.png
File:FunF.pngFile:Game Over (DSaF 3 troll game).pngFile:Gameplay image-xzjrhcmw.png
File:Golden bear scrotum ending.pngFile:Good End.PNGFile:Header2 - v2.png
File:IlkCV3g - Imgur.pngFile:Inhale my giant bear dong-u9ypzrtb.pngFile:Invididualpg2.png
File:Jail.pngFile:LURING THE KIDS TO THE BACKROOM! Dayshift At Freddy's 2 Day 2File:Mang.png
File:Matt (DSaF 3 troll game).pngFile:Matt - DSaF 1.pngFile:Matt - DSaF 2.png
File:Media8-kehvsakr.pngFile:NONaamI - Imgur.pngFile:New phonguy teaser-kdryxetm.png
File:New teaser-anvhmijg.pngFile:News1.pngFile:Nightman.png
File:OldSport.pngFile:Orange Guy.pngFile:Orange Guy (Headhshot).png
File:Phone Guy (DSaF 3 troll game).pngFile:Phone Man.jpgFile:Phony.PNG
File:Pool.PNGFile:Premature ending.pngFile:Puppet.jpg
File:Purple Guy (DSaF 3 troll game).pngFile:Purple Guy Daf.pngFile:Purple man.png - Fun Fact about DSaF - My biggest regret from developing DSaF.jpg - Scrapped DSaF 1 concept.jpgFile:SHADOW DOGGER.pngFile:Safe Room (DSaF 3 troll game).png
File:Saferoomintrosample.pngFile:Sbonnie weird 1.pngFile:Sbonnie weird 2.png
File:Scr8.pngFile:Screen-Shot-2014-04-23-at-11.30.36.pngFile:See you at the party, old sport! - Imgur.png
File:Sfreddyweird 1.pngFile:Sfreddyweird 2.pngFile:Shit.PNG
File:Smaller-Header.pngFile:Sorta happy ending.pngFile:Spring-Lock Failure.. By Using The Toilet?! Dayshift At Freddy's (Part 2) Funny FNAF RPG
File:Spring Freddy sprite 1.PNGFile:Spring bon teaser-jrfedq25.pngFile:Src1-tezfbzcp.png
File:Stache1.pngFile:Strangle.pngFile:Striper Foxies.PNG
File:THIS PLACE IS NOT SAFE!! Dayshift At Freddy's 2 (Part 1) - Funny FNAF RPGFile:Tease-k7mjbesk.pngFile:Tease-pztdikza.png
File:Teaser2-jreet6zd.pngFile:Teaser3-zpdp6tmv.pngFile:The Trashpile (first repair) - DSaF 2.png
File:The Trashpile (second repair) - DSaF 2.pngFile:The Trashpile (third repair) - DSaF 2.pngFile:Thumbnail.png
File:Topkek.PNGFile:Turan's Profile Picture With Orange Backround 2.pngFile:UCQb301.jpg
File:Untitled7-dqfixrge.pngFile:Url.jpgFile:WE HAVE BEEN WARNED! Dayshift At Freddy's 2
File:We are GRAND CANYON - maxresdefault.jpgFile:We are GRAND CANYON - snapshot.pngFile:Why DSaF SL could NEVER happen! (1).png
File:Why DSaF SL could NEVER happen! (2).pngFile:Why DSaF SL could NEVER happen! (3).pngFile:Wiki.png
File:Withered Bonnie.jpgFile:Wow a real battle in DSaF1!.pngFile:XQm7pU7.png

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