Frooby Fuzburt is one of the supportive characters in Breadbear's Bizarre Breadventure. He is the purgatory god of animatronics.

He originally was one of characters in Ricetopaz's joke FNaF4 alternative universe where entire nightmares are sharks.


He looks like a tattered, withered and broken-down exaggerated version of Freddy Fazbender. He is blood red with a lighter coloring on his stomach, ears, and muzzle. His arms are bulky and held out wide like other sharks. He sports a white fedora and a pink bowtie. He has three children named Froobles acting as parasites on his body, Slowly sucking every bit of life of his shark self.


He has one assistant named Gooby Frooby and 3 friends named Bobby, Charla and Cocksy in his purgatory. They also appear in Rottytopaz's Five Nights at F**kboy's games and Granddude1987's other games.

He is also the son of Satan and The Puppet. Satan yiffed The Puppet and there was him.


  • He is an photoshopped version of Nightmare Freddy from FNAF 4.
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