Freddy Fazbender is the first animatronic to be on the game.

== Profile == fgghkkkbvghhbbbhjjnnn 'Freddy ' no punctuation thois the loot enemy he Will RecoverThe First Roles of His Plans To Do with The Player After He Kills is The Counts of His Kill Counts in The Players in The Traps inside The Entertainment's Back Alley Stem. Why are ye capitalizing every letter at the begining of every word? You cannot save this page as someone can't capitalize letters correctly or use punctuation. The Long Shells Shotgun is The First of His Plans in The Entertainment, He Roles Over The Entertainment And Recovered of His First Plans in The East Balcony Form The Entertainment's Lost Shells in The Roles of The Fallen Heroes in The Next Chose of Doom. GRAMMAR REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The Last of Freddy's Plans in The Players Vacation Has Been Expanded To 5 Days instead of 3 Designs of His Confirmeds.

The leaves of The Players Item and Freddy is Cheating The Roles That He Fired in The Entertainment form Himself That He is Never Return in Dayshift at Freddy's 2.

Personality Edit

It is unknown what Freddy Fazbender's personality is other than the fact he likes 80s music.

Video Edit

WE HAVE BEEN WARNED! Dayshift At Freddy's 220:35

WE HAVE BEEN WARNED! Dayshift At Freddy's 2

Trivia Edit

  • The last of The Roles in The Entertainment.
  • Freddy is The Leader of The Animatronics in The Entertainment's Enemies.

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