Doggo is a type of a dog, And is the main character that makes cameo appearances in Dayshift At Freddy's and Dayshift At Freddy's 2.

Description Edit

In DSAF and DSAF 2, there is a rare chance of encountering Doggo. However, Doggo later makes his first major appearance in the April fools game with lots of Doggo's called Dayshift At Freddy's 3. Doggo existed before Dayshift At Freddy's was created, with the name Doge.

.Trivia Edit

  • Doggo is one of the few characters to not have a personality.
  • There is also a Phone Guy counterpart of Doggo.This exists in Dayshift At Freddy's 3 as it has lots of type of Doggo.
  • Doggo is also known as D0ge as mentioned by Old Sport.
  • Doggo makes lots of appearances in the Dayshift At Freddy's Series.
  • There is a even rarer version of doggo called Shadow Doggo. When Shadow Doggo appears, random letters and numbers show up, that when put in the correct order they will form actual setences