DirectDoggo is the creator of the games DsaF, DsaF2, STaF, (The probably now cancelled) DsaF3 and possibly others.

He also leads the doggos. He would scoop Old Sport if he doesn't let them eat kibble pizza, or he would reward Old Sport with a doggo if he does the opposite

He is the boss in the final level of Breadbear.

He will get pissed if you comment on his gamejolt page, which may end up in you being sent to main menu if done repeatedly.

He is very c00t.

All of his media outlets, including Gamejolt, Twitter, Reddit and likely Patreon have suddenly disappeared. Their fate remains unknown. He likely left due to people harassing him and not letting him take a break, he had his Gamejolt account banned and removed all pages for his games