DirectDoggo is the creator of the games DsaF, DsaF2, STaF, (and the currently on Hiatus) DSaF 3 and possibly others.

He also leads the doggos. He would scoop Old Sport if he doesn't let them eat kibble pizza, or he would reward Old Sport with a doggo if he does the opposite

He is the boss in the final level of Breadbear.

He is very c00t.

He deleted his Gamejolt account after being mistreated and harassed and shut down his Patreon.

Trivia Edit

  • If you type in DirectDoggo as your name in DSaF 1 then Phone Guy will just say borf and you will immediately get the Awesome Ending.
    • However if you do this in DSaF 2 then DirectDoggo will appear and say he will delete the game and the game will close.