These are the important rules and guidelines for everyone from the Dayshift at Freddy's Wikia about editing, participating, using discussions, etc. Violating one or any several rules will result either a warning or block. Our job is to keep this Wiki sparkly-clean, far interesting, not redundant, and clear everything from negativity, spam, trolling, etc.

Always remember in your thoughts - Ignorance of the policy is not an excuse.

General Rules Edit

  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, vandalize the articles or anything else on the Wiki.


  • If you see a user vandalizing on sight while the admin is offline, please contact the admin immediately by sending a message to their wall.
  • Dont harrass people, But swearing is allowed.
  • Dont write personal opinions on pages.
  • Do not send death threats.
  • Do not make useless pages.
  • Don't add characters from FNAF since DSAF is not canon to FNAF.

(More Coming Soon)