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Welcome to the Dayshift at Freddy's Wikia Edit

What happens in "Dayshift at Freddy's"? Well, find out! We have characters, option routes, pictures and more!

About the series Edit

"Dayshift at Freddy's" is a point-and-click game made by DirectDoggo. It is a parody of Scott Cawthon's "Five Nights at Freddy's" series of games, skewing depictions of various characters and events portrayed in the original game's story and lore. Be sure to read the Rules Before joining this wiki.

Official games Edit

Other official media page Edit

  • Official media for the DSaF series

Fan games Edit

Games by bearbro123 Edit

  • Dayshift at Freddy's: Prison location

Dayshift Faggot Universe Edit

  • Dayshift at 1984: A DSaF fangame
  • Dayshift at Fazbear's Fright
  • Dayshift at Freddy's: Sister Location

Games by Inhaling Freddy Edit

  • Breadbear's Bizarre Breadventure
  • Dayshift at Freddy's 4 (hacked)

Other fan game projects Edit

  • Signer of Love
  • Dayshift at the Hotel
  • Those Stupid Days at Famfuck Diner