"This is an elaborate troll game. Nothing more." - Direct Doggo

Dayshift At Freddy's 3: The Final Chapter is a joke game that was created by Direct Doggo for the April Fools Day of 2017. The game was first released on Game Jolt as a "demo for DSaF 3".

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In truth, it is a reskin of the first DSaF game changing the characters to look like the internet meme doge. There are also some minor changes on the dialogue and cutscenes.

The reason why all characters are related to Doggo is because this spin-off game was supposed to be nothing but just an April Fools game. Later, on 07/10/2017, Direct Doggo renamed the Game Jolt page for "The Fake DSaF 3 Troll-Game" claiming that too much people are bothering him thinking there was a real DSaF 3 in development.


  • In the main menu, the game is named "DSAF3.avi". This is a nod to the urban legend "SONIC.EXE", about a Sonic the Hedgehog cursed game.
  • The Game Jolt description for the game was the first time that Purple Guy was refered to as "Davetrap", and the game banner and header are also the first time that the Springtrap from Dayshift at Freddy's 2 was shown to the public. This was not a spoiler because, at the time, there isn't any clue that Springtrap would appear and have a major role in DSaF 2.


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