Dayshift at 1984: A DSaF fangame (formely know as Dayshift at 1980), as the subtitle stats, is an upcoming fan game for the original DSaF series leaded by Swolodude with the aprovation of Direct Doggo.

The game is meant to be a prequel for the DSaF original games, canonical also for the lore of another DSaF fan game project named Dayshift at Fazbear's Fright, which is lead by another developer identified as Quickster208, and later, to a third game project named Dayshift at Freddy's: Sister Location lead by GeneralJeremy596. On 28/11/2017, Swolodude and the other two developers officially named this timeline as Dayshift Faggot Universe.

Official Description

This is the description for DSa1984 in the official Game Jolt page for the fan game:

Old Sport's location is not the only place that's hell above the surface! Welcome to Freddy Fazbears, Decayed And Old Edition! It's 1984 and the company is struggling to stay alive! It's your job to keep it that way. Meet your boss, Smartphoneguy (DSa1984), with a smartphone as head even tough they are yet to be invented! Meet Dave, who just got into the stranglin' business and needs YOU to help him, and it seems like someone is watching... Will you help him, and destroy the company's reputation? Or will you save the kiddens and save the company? Whatever you choose: Shit will go down, Old Sport. Shit Will go down...


Swolodude - Main Developer and composer

GeneralJeremy596 (Yung Kiddie Strangler in the Discord) - Co-Developer

Quickster208 - Co-Developer (Also main developer for DSaFF)


DirectDoggo for DSAF and some assets. Scott Cawthon for FNAF. Sanic Teh Huehug for the Dave model, which has been ported to sfm by ToxicatedBucket. All stock images belong to their respective owners. Gamemaker: studio by YoYo games. My friends for plot ideas. Because the game is in development, updating this credits list will be hard. That's why I will keep this as the credits list for now, until the game is done. So if I'm missing something, this is why. But, if you really want me to put something in the credits list I can still do it! Just tell me!


24 Hour Edition

The game was initiated from a challenge to make a DSaF fan game demo during 24 hours. The very unfinished tech demo was posted on Game Jolt day 03/03/2017, and some days later was removed by the author, who stated that the demo "sucked". In the demo, there is only a short intro talk with Smartphoneguy and it's possible wo walk around, wear the springlock suit, summon (but not interact with) Matt and perfom to kids. There is no Game Over, and the day of the demo is infinite.

There was also a 20 seconds long teaser trailer for DSaF 1980, but it was removed by Swolodude some weeks after the dimiss of the 24h edition.

Development Post 24h Edition

2017.07.15, Discord Server - Dancing Dave V1

After the removal of the 24h edition, the game was delayed due a hard drive crash which, unfortunately, made the developer loss all the audio files for the first encounter with Purple Guy. According to the official game website for the game, it is going to be released bit by bit, over seven builds. Each of them having a new playable day of the week.

Rather than RPG Maker MV the game is being made in Game Maker engine, and it was announced on 06/20/2017 that the game is going to be pre-rendered in Unreal Engine 4, but later, on 06/01/2017, changed for the classic version of Source Filmmaker engine. It was also announced an upcoming story teaser trailer and new intro for the game. The game is going to be pre-rendered to look like a free-roam 3D game while in truth is a 2D game, much like the original Five Nights at Freddy's games.

On 07/19/2017, a two song soundtrack was released.

On 07/24/2017, the title of the game was changed to "Dayshift at 1984" in order to match with the FNaF and DSaF official titles' storylines; a new banner and a new header with the new title also are uploaded to the Game Jolt page. Swolodude also announced bug fixes, a text box system imitating the one from RPG Maker, and that the game map of DSa1984 now is the same of the first Five Nights at Freddy's.

On 08/01/2017, Swolodude posted a DevLog revealing there will have a minigame playable between some nights. Judging by some early footage, the minigame seems to be based on the gameplay from the original Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. The developer also released footage for the new text box system and the animations for Purple Guy's polygon.

On 08/20/2017, Swolodude revealed a new 3D polygon for Purple Guy, which is the first model made by him.

On 01/09/2017, a new teaser trailer focusing the storyline was released. The teaser shows an angered ghost haunting Freddy Fazbender and also footage for the minigames.

On 09/11/2017 all the outdated screenshots have been removed, and seven days later, on 09/18/2017, new ones have been added.

On 10/06/2017, Swolodude made a major annoucement: the game is now being created on Gamemaker Studio 2 engine, and because pf this change, the game now may be ported to MacOS and Linux.

On 10/16/2017 the author added a new song to the soundtrack, a boss theme labled "Not Christ. BONO.", and claimed he is planning on releasing a demo to shown all the enhancements he was done this far.

On 11/28/2017, Swolodude officialy named his fan game Universe as "Dayshift Faggot Universe", and declared that DSaFF and DSaF Sister Location are tangled with the original DSa1984 timeline.

Differences from the original series

  • Instead of a 2D sprite, both Purple Guy and Old Sport are represented by a full 3D polygonal model. This, presumably, was done because Direct Doggo claimed to fan game developers to do not use his original sprites.
  • Phone Guy's counterpart for this game is named "Smartphoneguy", and they are not the same person. Swolodude revealed that Smartphoneguy having a smarphone as head will be revelant for the lore on the full game.


Disclaimer: All the screenshots and media bellow are Work In Progress and confirmately will change as the development progresses.

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