"Dayshift at Freddy's 2: Electric Boogaloo" is a current game that is being made by Directdoggo, the creator of the first game, "Dayshift at Freddy's".

It has not been finished yet, but there are some images in the files that may give us some insight of what endings are currently in the game and are being worked upon as we write this.

So take these with a grain of salt, as this is just speculation by looking at the images.

-This article is supple to change and will once the game gets it's full release. (Hopefully.)- Edit

Soapy Ending V2 Edit


This ending seems to be an exact replica of the previous Soapy Ending.

How to achieve it is actually very simple.

Just buy the drugs from the toddlers you summon at the ballpit with licorice and snort it in the bathroom. The scenes will play out and Old Sport will find himself in jail with Phone Guy on the other side and he tells them what they did.

Headbutting an old woman while screaming about doggos and "The Real Fredbear". He ate exactly 42 balls from the ballpit in front of customers. Then finished with a cartwheel and bit Bono.

Then you will get this ending.

But, it still might be possible that this will also play out as the same way from the last game. In which, Purple Guy betrays him and gets him sent off to jail.

This is entirely possible, as The RAT and Breadbear can all be found in the game's internal files.

Which means that there might be a similar way the endings will play out, like in the first game, but with multiple ways to get them now.

Sealed Off Ending Edit


This appears to be an ending in which Old Sport possibly puts on the wrong suit, Purple Guy's suit, and it kills him.

And by the title of the image, it seems that they sealed him off in the off-camera saferoom, making him Springtrap from the original "Five nights at Freddy's" series.

As this ending might be a reference to the training tapes that Phone Guy gives you to remind you to put on your OWN suit. In which, Old Sport's suit is the Golden Freddy seen in the picture.

This might be the way to get the ending. By trying on Purple Guy's suit.

The Trumpet Ending Edit


This ending appears to be in the style of a news television channel, in which it states that Old Sport was killed.

In the bottom of the screen, we can see that Phone Guy is saying that he wouldn't stop blowing the trumpet.

Either that Phone Guy killed him out of frustration or it provoked something into attacking him and it killed him in the process.

This is uncertain however. But, an image of the trumpet can be found in the files as it is in a position that someone appears to be blowing into it from a first-person point of view.

Purple Guy can also be seen in the picture and this is also the only news-based image to not have him commenting on Old Sport's actions or demise.

Why he's there is currently unknown.

The Strangled Ending Edit


This image appears to show Phone Guy behind bars after strangling an employee on a news television channel.

This is up for speculation as it's not stated or shown that the victim was Old Sport.

However, nobody calls Old Sport by his true name, only Purple Guy does.

So there might be some reliable evidence that the victim was Old Sport.

The Jailed Ending Edit


This ending is similar to the Soapy Ending V2, instead, it seems that Old Sport had attacked Phone Guy and injured him pretty badly.

Oh, yeah, and the weapon appears to have been a balloon...?

Which probably means that this ending has to do with either Balloon Boy or actual balloons.

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