"Mr. Cawthon gave us a pretty good tip."
Cop, DSaF

Numerous Cops appear throughout the Dayshift at Freddy's Series. Their first appearance was in DSAF on Day 4 where they ask Jack whether they have seen the killer. They also appear later on Day 5 during the Staged Birthday Party. A cop also appears if Man in Candy the Cat Suit is tazed where they will take him to an electric chair to be killed. In DSAF 3, a cop from the LAPD calls on Day 1 to ask if they have seen a killer outside their restaurant because a local boy (Jacob Adams) had been abducted and murdered.

Notable Members

Decoy Midget

Main Article: Decoy Midget

Decoy Midget is a short police officer wearing a latex baby mask to disguise as the "birthday boi" during the Staged Birthday Party in DSAF.


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