Breadbear's Bizarre Breadventure is a Work-In-Progress fan game for Dayshift at Freddy's and Earthbound series. The game was created by Game Jolt user Inhaling Freddy, who is also an user on the Discord server for the Dayshift Faggot Universe, and first posted in September of 2017.

The title of the game certanly is a nod to the Japanese manga series JoJo no Kimyo na Boken, translated as "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".

Official descriptionEdit

From the official Game Jolt page:

"Breadbear's Bizarre Breadventure is a DayShift at Freddy's and Earthbound fan game created by Inhaling Freddy.


  • Breadbear
  • Farfour
  • DSaF 2 Location
  • Earthbound Battle System
  • F***ton of Touhou Musics
  • Aubergine Man
  • Old Sport
  • Frooby and Friends
  • Exhaling Doggos
  • Ass
  • UFOs (Undefined F***ing Objects)
  • Broofy and Friends
  • Yiff Foxy
  • Devour Chica's Moldy Bird Ass
  • Plastic S***lords
  • Esoteric Sex Toys
  • The Trashpile
  • Enragement Child
  • FNaFb by Sable Lynn & Joshua Shaw
  • DSaF by Directdoggo



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An very early demo for the game was posted on September of 2017, and on October, two demos: one for the Night 1, and another for Night 2.

On 11/14/2017, Inhaling Freddy posted a demo for the Night 3, and some days later, cancelled the game due a glitch he could'nt configure how to solve. However, on 12/10/2017, the developer changed mind and the development was officialy recontinued after he made it to fix said glitch.

On 12/15/2017, Inhaling Freddy posted a demo for the Night 4.

On 12/31/2017, Inhaling Freddy posted the full game.

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