Bono is a character in Dayshift at Freddy's, based on the real-life singer.

In DSAF 1, Bono will shoot Old Sport for beating the illegal Breadbear arcade game, and the player will get the Bono ending.

In DSAF 2, Bono appears in the Safety Dance, where the player has to touch is head in order to not fail the safety dance and die. One of his songs plays during the dance. He is referenced to in a conversation that leads you to the Soapy Ending, where the Horde of Ungrateful Toddlers says if Old Sport does drugs in the bathroom, they won't tell Bono. he is again referenced when Phone Guy says to Old Sport that old sport bit Bono while doing drugs, after Old Sport does drugs in the bathroom.

Bono is speculated to be the owner of Freddy Fazbender's Pizza by Old Sport.

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