• X Spranp

    I want to be an admin.

    April 28, 2018 by X Spranp

    People keep ruining this wiki by adding jokes and bad stuff on the wiki, this needs to be fixed.

    I would take good care of the wiki since i'm active all day. I promise i'll be a good admin.

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  • Epicpatrol2

    The wiki's been a bit quiet lately, so i decided to make the blog.

    List the first ending you got in DSAF 1 and 2 (Or if you only played one of them, list that ending) In the comments of this blog. 

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  • Jhazhha

    ok i don't mean to offend anyone but there's a lot of articles like phone dude and ryan who were full of nonsense and misinformation so whoever is doing it please stop

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  • Epicpatrol2

    just something

    July 16, 2017 by Epicpatrol2

    The thing that is really bothering me is the fact that people are making some things on this wiki really badly, and even adding their own comments of characters in their descriptions.

    Well my advice is: Don't.

    It makes this wiki look poorly made. Just don't add personal feelings about said characters in their descriptions (That's the reason why there are comments), or spell/change things on purpose just because you think it looks funny, alright?

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