Balloon Boy is a character in DSaF 2 and DSaF 3.


DSaF 2

Balloon Boy will be in the arcade. Jack can talk with Balloon Boy, kick BB or throw him into the wall. when the player talks to Balloon Boy the only thing BB will say is "Hello?". When Jack throws Balloon Boy into the wall, Peter will fire the player because the children will have to kick Toy Freddy's shins.

DSaF 3

Balloon Boy returns as one of the four salvageable animatronics within the Bakersfield Location (Others being Withered FreddyToy Freddy and Spring Freddy). Balloon Boy is one-legged and has one eye missing. When being inspected, the player is told 'Cmon... Surely even YOU don't want a one-legged BB?' advising them to not pick BB. Phone Guy said that they had to repair Balloon Boy 16 times in one month. Also Balloon boy is basically hollow, doesn't have any moving motors and robotic parts, yet he can move from room to room while no one is looking. Also, in the player's restaurant, the is a picture of Balloon Boy's Head with the word "Gremlin™".


It's unknown what is Balloon Boy's persona but most people hate him.


  • Balloon Boy being kicked and thrown into a wall is a reference to his hate in the fandom.
  • According to Peter Kennedy, they only have BB so that Children don't kick Toy Freddy's shins.
  • When the player is told 'Cmon... Surely even YOU don't want a one-legged BB?'
    • This might be due to the hate for the character in the FNaF Series.
  • One of the reviews said that their 8 year old child saw BB and tried to give him a big hug but BB proceeded to remove her frontal lobe.


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BB laughing.
BB saying "Hello".
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