• "An Ending"
  • "You're scaring me, Old Sport." -Dave

An Ending, aka the Pure Evil ending, is one of the endings in Dayshift at Freddy's 2: Electric Boogaloo. To obtain it, you must join Dave and kill children and only use the purple text. After talking to Matt, you call Peter to come out of the shadows, once he does you battle him, he then stops the battle when he says that he knows that one day Old Sport will step on his lifeless body with no remorse, Dave then intervenes and BB will then eat Mike Jr.’s frontal lobe, after escaping the restaurant you and Dave are about to go to Vegas until Fredbear intervenes and tells Afton to step aside,Fredbear will say that you make Afton and Henry look like a joke,after that Fredbear will say that you broke the promise you made to him and asks that if you care, after you response he says that if he can give you life than he can take it away, after that a battle with Fredbear will commence, after some time Old Sport will start taunting Fredbear until Fredbear’s defense drops to 0 and has lost the will to fight, you then one-shot Fredbear who will ask you if this is what she wanted, Old Sport tells him that of course she wouldn’t have wanted this but he then tells him that he does, after that he ends Fredbear’s life which scares Dave and tells you that you just killed the concept of childhood, after that you and Dave go to Vegas but before you go Dave asks if he can walk behind and says that he just doesn’t want you behind him, after that you go to Vegas but with creepy music in the background along with Dave having a scared and worried expression the entire time, after that Old Sport will start smiling creepily and Dave tells you that your scaring him, congratulation. Are you proud of yourself? You monster.

Shadow Doggo

Trasnlation: "Well done."

"well done, indeed."

"You’ve really created a whole legacy out of spite, haven’t you?"

"I should have intervened, but I didn’t."

"Was this a passing fancy? Or is this your legacy?"

"Is this really you now!"

Answer to “This is who I am now. This is my legacy

"I know you’ll never be able to put yourself back together, but must you cause such suffering?"

"Very well. Enjoy your empire of dirt."

Answer to “I wish to wind back the clock. I’ve made mistakes.”

"I understand. Your sins are vast and many."

"Learn from your mistakes. And in the future..."

"Heed the warning of the shadow dogger."


  • After getting this ending and selecting the purple text in Shadow Doggo’s speech than Old Sport will have a creepy smile and Phone Guy says that you might butcher him with a butchers knife.
  • this ending seems to be canon in the dsaf series as shown in dsaf 3 when Dave tells old sport that he feels like something bad has happened to Fredbear since he hasen't returned to the flipside in a while...


The music in the pure evil ending can be heard here.

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The theme of this ending.
Pure Evil Theme
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